Implementing value pricing

How to make it work for your practice | taught by Giles Watson

Course description

This course is for law practice principals who are attracted to the idea of value pricing, but either have doubts, or are uncertain how to go about making the change.

In this course, Giles Watson discusses:

  • why value pricing can dramatically boost profits (and other benefits) 
  • when value pricing is appropriate (and when to consider alternatives) 
  • changing the client engagement process 
  • how to price in value pricing 
  • how to manage regulatory and costs assessment risks (including changes in the costs agreement) 
  • the skills challenge – how to change behaviours and adopt a new approach 
  • alternative ways of dealing with scope creep 
  • legal project management and focusing on efficiency 
  • managing the change  – how to make it work 

2.5 hours / 2.5 CPD points (including core points in professional skills and practice management / business skills)

Giles Watson
Giles Watson
Consultant and trainer


  • Director of Giles Watson Pty Ltd
  • Principal Consultant at CX Training
  • Lectures on costs communication at QUT


  • Managed the Queensland Law Society’s Practice Management Course: writing study guides, designing, developing and delivering sessions
  • Managed and promoted Lexcel, the Law Society of England & Wales’ legal practice management quality mark
  • Was a business development manager for 3 London law firms


  • Has a Masters in Marketing, an MBA, a BA in Politics, and a Cert IV in Training and Assessment. Accredited in Hogan Assessments

Course Curriculum

Different types of fixed fees (and how they can make you more money)
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When to value price
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Legal project management for value pricing
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Finding your price
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Client engagement and pricing discussions
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Scope creep and costs updates
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Implementing value pricing
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